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There are different types of portrait photography

Do you love portrait photography, want to expand your portfolio, or just want to know more about different types of portrait photos? Then this article is for you! There’s more to portrait photography than just taking pictures of people. This style of photography focuses on capturing people’s emotions, character, feelings, and being in general.  Portraits can be commercial or fine art. There are countless commercial uses for portraits, like passports, professional biographies, security passes, etc. Portrait photography is also very popular as a fine art. Through lighting, poses, backdrops, and the background environment, this highly versatile niche allows contemporary artists to express themselves artistically. 

What types of portrait photography are there?

Making quality portraits requires the right knowledge, skills, and tools.  Understanding the basics and knowing the different types of portrait photography can help you come up with your own style. Although there are many types of portrait photos, they can be broadly categorized into three types.

Portrait Photography: What Are 3 The Types?

Among the many different types of portrait photography, here are three main types and their goals.

1. A Standard Posed Portrait – Subjects in this subtype of portrait photography are aware of the camera and usually maintain eye contact.  Portrait photography like this usually only shows the subject’s head and shoulders, rather than the whole body, and emphasizes their facial expressions.  Traditional posed portraits are usually shot in a studio with formal backdrops.

2. Candid Portraits – It’s common for subjects to be unaware that they’re being photographed in this kind of picture. Since they aren’t set up or planned, there isn’t eye contact, and posing isn’t involved either.   The portraits give a unique insight into the subject’s raw emotions. Therefore, these types of portrait shots are often considered to be highly pure and unfiltered. The goal of this type of portrait photography is to capture spontaneous moments. When taking a candid portrait, it’s important to pay attention to details and relationships between the background and the subject. One of the best things about this type of portrait is that there’s often a story between the subject and the surroundings.

3. Creative Portraits This type of portrait photography gives you the most creative freedom. The idea behind these portraits is to capture an idea. Essentially, you’re creating imagery with abstract representations. If you love reflecting meaningful and beautiful messages through portrait photography, then you should dive deeper into the world of fine art portrait photography

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