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Planning Your Child’s Session: How Much Time Should You Allow

When it comes to my child’s photo shoot, how much time do I really need? There are usually three options for your session with most photographers. In order to help you choose the right one, I have compiled the following list to help you understand the amount of time required for your Child’s photography session.

Mini Sessions – 20-30 minutes – A mini session is ideal if you just want to document how your child looks right now. For example, taking photos of a 7-year-old, or photos of a 4th grader. Suitable for older children (post-toddler) who can follow directions fairly quickly, these sessions are short. Photographers don’t change locations or outfits, so there won’t be a lot of extra creative shots.

Standard Session – 30 minutes – Designed for younger children, this session allows photographers to capture more creative shots. Photographers usually allow one outfit change and a change of scenery. Having an hour gives them more time to warm up and get the younger children to cooperate than a mini session.

Extended Session – 1-2 hours – Photographers recommend this session for siblings with three or more children. During this time, your children can be photographed together as well as individually. The photographer will also have more time to pose them together and get good, genuine smiles. This session can allow up to two outfit changes for siblings and three to four for individual children, depending on their ages. It is also usually possible to choose two locations at the same time.

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