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How Much Do Family Portraits Cost In Baytown, Texas?

If you’re going to hire a Baytown, Texas family portrait photographer, know what you want at the end-will you get prints, an album, or all the photos digitally? The majority of parents want to send the pictures to family and relatives or blow up one image and hang it over the fireplace. Make sure your Baytown, Texas photographer knows your goals up front so you’re happy.

How much does portrait photography cost in Baytown, Texas?

Whether your Baytown, Texas portrait photographer charges by the hour, session, or package deal, your price will include the location of the shoot, the experience and knowledge of the photographer, studio fees (if applicable), and post-production fees. Also factored into the price is how many outfit changes you want and how many people you have in the shoot.

Here are some sample prices for FamilyPhotographers in Baytown, Texas!

If you looking for a Family Portrait Photographer in Baytown, Texas and your are trying to find out how much one will cost. Let us help you out! Here at we find some of the best portrait family photographers serving the Baytown, Texas. Below, please find a few helpful sites to help you in your search for the perfect Family Photographer serving Baytown, Texas!

Baytown, Texas

Baytown shares a bay with San Jacinto monument, where General Sam Houston defeated General Santa Ana in 1836, ending the Texas Revolutionary War!

Fast-forward thousands of years and the Baytown area saw the shipwreck of Cabeza de Vaca. After that, the Baytown area saw the rule of pirate Jean Lafitte, whose treasure was found in Kemah, TX in the 1960’s.

There was a lot going on in and around Baytown during the nineteenth century, like the Texas Revolutionary War. William Scott (one of Stephen F. Austin’s Old 300), Nathaniel Lynch (involved in the Runaway Scrape), Ashbel Smith, David Burnet and Sam Houston all owned property in the area. The San Jacinto monument, the symbol of Sam Houston’s victory over Mexico’s former president Lopez de Santa Anna, can be seen from some Baytown homes today, as a reminder of these instrumental times.

Cedar Bayou was named as one of the first bay establishments of the new Republic of Texas. As a result of the high quality clays found along the bayous, creeks, and streams, the general economy developed post-war, including rice farming and brickyards. In 1908, there was an oil boom, which spurred the rapid development of Goose Creek, among others (Wooster, Pelly, and Bay Town) that became one community in 1948 known as Baytown.

Goose Creak became the first offshore drilling operation in Texas and second in the nation. As a result of the oilfield’s success, Ross S. Sterling founded Humble Oil and Refining Company (later ExxonMobil). Around this time, Baytown grew and developed.

 Baytown’s economy is largely centered on oil, rubber, and chemical plants. In addition to being home to petrochemical giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron, Baytown serves an international community through the Port of Houston and Houston Ship Channel.

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