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How Much Do Family Portraits Cost In New Caney, Texas?

If you’re going to hire a family portrait photographer in New Caney, Texas, know what you want at the end-will you get prints, an album, or all the photos digitally? The majority of parents want to send the pictures to family and relatives or blow up one image and hang it over the fireplace. Make sure your photographer knows your goals up front so you’re happy.

How much does portrait photography cost?

Whether your New Caney, Texas portrait photographer charges by the hour, session, or package deal, your price will include the location of the shoot, the experience and knowledge of the photographer, studio fees (if applicable), and post-production fees. Also factored into the price is how many outfit changes you want and how many people you have in the shoot.

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New Caney, Texas

New Caney, also called Presswood, is 17 miles southeast of Conroe on the Southern Pacific line at Farm Road 1485 and State Highway Loop 494. Founded in the 1860s, Presswood was named after pioneers Austin and Sarah Waters Presswood, who settled here in 1862 and raised cattle on the open range. A gristmill, steam cotton gin, and general store were also built on Caney Creek by the John Wesley Robinson family. The Houston, East and West Texas Railway reached the town in 1877 or 1878. There were cattle-loading pens set up, and the community became a livestock shipping point. Caney Station got its name from the dense canebrakes along Caney Creek. James B. Robinson, the first postmaster, had petitioned for the name Caney, but there was already a Texas town with that name, so the post office department called it New Caney.

New Caney had sixty people in 1884, four steam sawmills, and a general store; it shipped cotton, syrup, and hogs. As of 1890, the town had 100 people, several sawmills, a church, a school, a meat market, a general store, a cross-tie contractor, a justice of the peace, and an agent for the railroad, telegraph, and express services. New Caney started out as an agricultural town, but grew as the local lumber industry developed; among the timber products the town shipped were mining props for support. The population had risen to 150 by 1892. In 1914, the town had a telephone connection, three general stores, and a sawmill. The Montgomery County lumber industry revived its economy in the 1920s. New Caney had one black school and three white schools in 1932. The town had forty homes, three schools, two sawmills, a railroad station, and about twelve other businesses in 1946. By 1969, there were 604 people, and by 1971, there were 2,771. New Caney had a railroad siding, a post office, two schools, six churches, about ninety-three businesses, and an estimated 8,000 people. Also, there was a lot of development around the old town center, like New Caney Heights and Caney Creek Estates. Due to its proximity to Houston, New Caney grew fast in the 1980s. It had a population of 2,771 by 2000.

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