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I always enjoy photographing families in The Woodlands, Texas, since every family is so unique! While most parents are cooperative, kids can be a bit of a challenge. In this post, I share fun and foolproof ways to entertain your kids and get them excited about your upcoming family photography session!

  • You should let them select their outfits! For obvious reasons, it makes sense to let them choose from a few. This gives them the freedom to choose what they want to wear. Come session day, watch how proud they are.
  • Create an award following your session. Have a movie night afterwards with popcorn and drinks at the movie theater.
  • It is as simple as talking about it. Having it as a privilege rather than a hassle will make it more enjoyable. You can make these photo sessions more exciting by telling them how exciting they are and how much fun they will have!
  • You can show them other family sessions. It could be people they see in their favorite television shows or movies. As a result, they’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps!

The attitude you adopt as a parent will ultimately affect your children. Bring a smile, a happy attitude, and a ready attitude. I have no doubt they will follow suit!

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Michelle Sailer

Looking For A Family Portrait Photographer Near Me In The Woodlands?

Hiring the right portrait photographer near me in The Woodlands, Texas can be a daunting task!

We got you covered! Hiring the right portrait photographer near me can be a daunting task! Let us help get you started! Check out a few links that may help you find the perfect family photographer serving The Woodlands, Texas!

The Woodlands, Texas

After your family photo session in The Woodlands, Texas, grab a bite! An outing wouldn’t be complete without entertaining all the ways to eat. Watch the world go by while dining al fresco along The Waterway or Hughes Landing. Whether you’re looking for an indoor setting or a specialty restaurant, The Woodlands has over 150 to choose from! At The Woodlands Mall, you can try something new like food turned into artwork or relax at a casual bistro. Woodlands is great for families, and has some great restaurants. It doesn’t mean you have to eat fast food when you have kids! Also, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style to enjoy a good meal. 

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